Monday, October 11, 2010

Black dogs and other tales of horror (long....)

So today I want to write about depression and how the public health system here fails to help mental health patients and just ends up marginalising them even more. Disclaimer: yes, I am angry at the failure of the system to actually produce any worthwhile help for depressed people; yes, I also have a rather convoluted alphabet soup of other intertwined issues (OCD, PTSD, anxiety disorder, social phobias, Aspergers and ADHD) but I don't want to go into those today because those are at least acknowledged by the system even though they are not really being addressed despite my repeated requests to do so - but what I am about to write is solely regarding the issue of depression and the failure of the mental health system to correctly diagnose it and take it seriously. And yes, I am writing from personal experience - although mine is far from the only story, I know way too many others who are in similar positions.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spindles and corsets (and whiskers on kittens....) :P

I have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks - doctor's appointments, medications, making a corset for my eldest daughter for her birthday, and launching my new venture making spindles and handspun yarn.