Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spindles and corsets (and whiskers on kittens....) :P

I have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks - doctor's appointments, medications, making a corset for my eldest daughter for her birthday, and launching my new venture making spindles and handspun yarn.

I mentioned in my last post that I was running a competition to find a name for said venture - the competition closed on September 30th and the winner was Marie deVenezia with her suggestion "Whorled Domination" (heehee!)

So without further ado, I present the logo for my new venture, thought up and drawn up by my son Rowan:

There are so many reasons I love the name and logo for my spindles - not least of which is the double entendre (since I am a Virgo and I LOVE wordplay - hence the slogan "one spindle at a time" - put the name and slogan together and you get the picture :D) And the world being the spindle whorl was a stroke of genius on Rowan's part I think - perfect :D Check out Whorled Domination! on facebook - I am hoping (pain and mobility issues pending) to have my first update around Friday this week with some new spindles and maybe even some yarn. I have posted an album of my current inventory of spindle whorls (there are 56 at present, 55 if you don't count the one that Marie chose to go on the spindle she won for coming up with such a great name) and a couple of teaser pics of spindles in progress.

I finished my first corset in over a year (have been on extended hiatus from this for a number of personal reasons), for my eldest daughter who turned 22 on Tuesday (Sept 28th). I only have dodgy webcam pictures right now, but she will be emailing me some good pictures soon so I will post those when they are received. But for now, here she is last night just after being laced into her first ever corset:

I am especially pleased with this corset, not just because it is the first one I have made after such a long break, but also because my daughter happens to be a very difficult body to make a corset that will look good for, because she is a fitness instructor and has a very boyish figure (no waist or bust and not a scrap of fat on her anywhere - she's 5'10 and an Australian size 10/US size 6), so it's difficult to compress her into a feminine shape or give her curves. But I think her corset turned out beautiful, and she is pretty happy with it :D

And because I mentioned whiskers on kittens.....gratuitous kitty pictures:

This one is Pan (front) and Reejit (who is completely deaf) doing quality control testing on some of my spinning fibre stash :D I think Pan's face is like "yessss? who darez disturb teh sleepz of teh Basement Kitteh? O btw iz mai fluffz, kthxbai." Reejit is just his usual "huhwhut?" self :P

"Ohai! Whutchoo doin?"

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  1. the corset is beautiful! and the Reejit is adorable.


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