Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Been a busy couple of weeks....

Now that the Tour de Fleece is finished and I have had a little time to catch my breath lol, I have some pretty big things going on!

Firstly, I have my pre-admission appointment next week and then on the 17th of August, I am FINALLY going into hospital for my hysto surgery (YAAAAY!) So I'm excited as all hell about that, so much so that I wish the 17th would just hurry up because I'm actually looking forward to being in hospital! How's that for screwy? :P

Secondly, my personal life has taken a turn for the better (little bird, open hand, 'nuff said) ;) So I'm pretty happy about that (and it shows, my fibro pain and stuff has been more manageable because I am more relaxed and happier about things in general, and feel loved and supported).

And lastly, I have some BIG news about Whorled Domination! - two words, SPINDLE CLUB!!! :D That's right - if you're not on the Ravelry group, hop on over there and join the Whorled Domination! army, and check out the spindle club thread :) Put in your 10c worth (got to allow for inflation!) and register your interest - I will be posting final details of the club including pricing, dates, options and signups on Friday, so get in quick if you want to have a say in how the club works!

What I can tell you so far is that it will be a quarterly club, with an option to opt out (or in, if there are extra spaces due to opt-outs, but the number of available places will be limited) by a deadline a month before the shipping date (to allow time for me to confirm numbers and make sure I have enough of everything for all the members who are in the club for that particular quarter). Spindle club will be shipped out between the 5th and 7th of the shipping month (whichever is the first working day), so that hopefully everyone will have received their spindle club by the end of the month. There will also be 3 tiers of membership:

Tier 1 will be the basic club which will include a spindle and a small sample of fibre every quarter for a year. 

Tier 2 will be the mid-level club, which will include a spindle and a larger amount of fibre (or more special blends and fibres than the basic club). Quantity of fibre will depend on what the fibre is, to keep the cost consistent.

Tier 3 will be the deluxe membership - this will include a somewhat more expensive spindle and between 50-100g of fibre on average, although some shipments may be 25g of fibre if it is a particularly rare or luxury fibre. 

Each Club will run for 1 year (4 quarterly shipments) - there is no requirement to stay in the club for an entire year if you do not wish to do so, or to give up membership after the year if you want to stay on :) However there is a deadline for opting in or out each month for the sake of me being able to keep up with everyone's shipments, and I will be limiting the number of places available to avoid overcommitting and make sure everyone gets their club on time. In the event that someone opts out for the upcoming club shipment, if there is someone waiting to join, they will be offered a place in the club. From time to time I may also offer extra places in the club if there are a lot of people wanting to join - otherwise it will be strictly limited placements due to the fact that there is only one of me and I only have two hands ;)

Fibres included may be undyed, handpainted or dyed, and may be all sorts of different prep. Due to international customs restrictions I will not be including any unprocessed fleece in the club shipments for overseas members - I may do so from time to time for Australian club members unless a preference is indicated on the Club questionnaire to not receive raw fleece. All fibre will be locally and ethically sourced as much as possible, and I will do my best to ensure that club members get a wide variety of fibres to spin, and include one luxury fibre in each Club year.

Club members will receive the questionnaire on signup/payment - you may change your preferences at any time for the next club shipment, provided you get the revised questionnaire to me by the deadline for opting in/out and payment :)


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