Saturday, September 18, 2010

More late night knitting updates

I am definitely making a habit of posting at ungodly hours - it's 4:30am as I am writing this and I can hear the dawn chorus of magpies warming up ;)

I am still working on Ethan's Tomten jacket - I had to frog the top of the sleeve as I lost a couple of stitches and couldn't find them in the grey yarn, but it's back on track and looking pretty good so far:

I am still only using the second skein of the Creative Fibres yarn (200g per skein, it goes a LONG way), and I think I might get the first sleeve out of the remainder of the skein. I have two more skeins that I haven't touched yet, so those will probably make a matching pair of mitts and socks or something for Ethan :)

I am also contemplating joining the Southern Cross Fibre Ravelry group's KAL for the EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Pi Shawl. I wanted to spin some laceweight yarn for this, but the KAL starts on October 1st and as usual, things have been pretty chaotic around here so I haven't had time. But I do have 2 skeins of Fleece Artist Suri Blue in Blackberry that I received last year as part of a lace yarn club I was in - maybe I will use that for the KAL and spin the laceweight for another version later. I see plenty of yarn sampling in my future...I have narrowed it down to a choice of two fibres in my stash, both hand dyed by Mandie at Ewe Give Me The Knits:

"Bowerbird" bamboo

"Destination Unknown" merino/seacell blend

I have 200g of each of the above two fibres, and am seriously torn as to which one to use - they are both gorgeous and will make beautiful laceweight yarn. I will have to spin a whole 1200 metres or so (my shoulders and hands are aching just THINKING about spinning that much yarn and how long it would take)...

Speaking of spinning - tomorrow is Worldwide Spin In Public Day! I will be taking one of my spindles into Fremantle and probably enjoying a coffee somewhere if the weather is good - possibly Esplanade Park, or maybe just one of the many coffee shops :)

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