Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 17: Plying counts as "rest", right?

So I finished the "Robin Hood" singles today for my 3ply yarn, and then they looked so good on the bobbins that I got impatient to see how the finished yarn was going to turn out! I spent all day plying, the 3ply yarn ended up being 276g, 657m/730yds of about sport weight (no WPI yet, will do that once it has been washed) yarn. And I ended up with leftover singles after running out of the "Pixie Party" (that fibre was more dense than the other two, so I ended up with less singles for the same weight, even though they were spun the same thickness as the others), which I plied into a second, 2ply yarn:

I still have some of the Emerald City singles left, too - I will wind them into a centre-pull ball tomorrow to be plied from both ends of the ball into a mini-skein. I can foresee the sparkly green resulting yarn being used to knit a mini Christmas stocking or something similar to hang on this year's tree :) I have a possible project in mind for the larger skein, as there is quite substantial yardage to play with - but I may need to mull that one over a bit more to see what will show the yarn off to its best advantage. As you can see I had some fun naming this yarn - I like to give my yarns names that tip the hat to the names of the original colourways used in making them. Hence the 2 yarns above - "Robin Hood Visits the Emerald City for a Pixie Party" and when I ran out of the aforementioned Pixie Party singles, "Robin Goes Sightseeing in Emerald City" ;)

In other news, I have been informed by the lovely Charly that 18 Whorled Domination spindles were sold at Bendigo - AWESOME! :D The rest are currently making their way to Mapleton with Charly for the spin camp, so hopefully some more will find a new home while they're there :) I have also had reports that the sample "Bunny Love" mitten was quite popular - so I hope it sold lots of patterns for Charly ;)

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