Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 15 - I thought I wasn't going to spin any more laceweight for the Tour...

...but that's exactly what I have ended up doing! Yesterday I finished a full bobbin of Ixchel Cashmere Fling in "Pixie Party" as laceweight singles:

And today I have spun 70g of my 100g braid of Ixchel GaGa Bunny in "Emerald City" as laceweight singles for the second ply of my green yarn:

Tomorrow I will be finishing off the remaining 30g of Emerald City singles, and then starting ANOTHER bobbin of laceweight singles in this fibre, Ixchel BFL/Bunny in "Robin Hood":

I am really looking forward to seeing the finished yarn - when I braided the 3 fibres together to give me an idea of how it would look, I literally got goosebumps at how nice it was, so I think it will be pretty spectacular ;)

Since my last post I have also on Day 13 spun the remaining 30g I had of "Cthulhu Bunny" very fine (MORE laceweight!) and plied it with the second bobbin of "Fire Star" GaGa Bunny to get this:

320m/355yds of light fingering weight yarn, 2ply construction, "Heart of Cthulhu". In between all the yarn I am spinning for the Tour de Fleece and all the fibre prep I am doing for same, I have been digging through my stash to find all the small fibre samples that I have put aside and not got around to spinning up. I have quite a number of these in various fibres and colours - I am going to pack a spindle and my fibre samples when I go into hospital for my surgery in August, as I will not be up to much while I'm there and hospitals usually bore me witless. I probably won't have a whole lot of visitors, and TV is pretty crap so I won't be watching a lot of it - I'd rather take a spindle and spin up some of my samples to see how they turn out (small quantities are also a better idea than a whole 100g braid, as I am not likely to be feeling up to spinning a lot of fibre at a time while I'm in hospital and am certainly not going to take a spinning wheel in with me LOL!) But a spindle should be just right - lightweight, doesn't require a whole lot of movement or concentration and I can pick it up or put it down easily without spoiling a project. I am considering taking a small portable knitting project like a sock or something too, in case I feel up to knitting (although since I'm likely to be on heavy duty pain relief, I'm not sure how likely that will be lol). 

In Whorled Domination! news, I currently have a batch of spindles being sold at Bendigo and soon to be at Mapleton, and am waiting on my next shipment of spindlemaking supplies to arrive so that after the Tour de Fleece finishes I can get back into spindle production for a couple of weeks full on before I have to go to hospital.


  1. Daniel, those singles are magical! Wish I could spin as well as you do...I know, you've had much more practice at it than I have but it doesn't stop me from wishing, does it?

    Many prayers winging their way to you and to the medicos who will be in charge of your treatments next month....Hugs from the U.S.

  2. Thanks Sally, the prayers for next month are much appreciated :) My spinning is far from perfect, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect - and I love practicing! ;) I'm finding with the Tour de Fleece that because I'm spinning for several hours a day, every day, I'm getting much faster and more consistent and the improvements are noticeable every day :)

    MissOphidian: back atcha <3 xox


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