Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 5: Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of the Universe....

...the Parallel Universe, that is! Halle-freakin'-lujah, I have FINALLY finished the Lincoln singles for the Tour de Fleece - not without drama, with 10 minutes to go till midnight on Day 5 we had a blowout! The leather piece that connects the footman and the treadle of my wheel snapped - and BOY was I thanking the Gods at that point for my wisdom in having purchased a maintenance kit so I had a spare!
Anyway a quick change later and I was back up and running and finished the Parallel Universe (aka the Lincoln of Doom) with a mere 7 minutes to spare! But, IT IS FINISHED :D In addition to this I managed to grab about 5 minutes of spindle time while I was on the phone today. So I present my Day 5 spinning:
On the left, the marathon "Parallel Universe" Lincoln. On the right, "Heaven Sent" mulberry peace silk being spun on my Zebisis Designs 1/2oz opalite spindle (yes yes I know, it's not a Whorled Domination! spindlebebeh - but only because I haven't got around to making any super lightweight spindlebebehs yet, and I have spun silk almost as fine as this on my 30g WD spindle so wasn't in a hurry to do so). I believe the technical term for the thickness I am spinning the silk is "frog hair" - it's finer than sewing thread (I can literally almost not see it until it's on the spindle, I can really only see the singles when the light hits them and they shine).

So I am sitting with a nice glass of shiraz to celebrate a successful Day 5 of the Tour - tomorrow is likely to involve plying the monster bobbin of Lincoln (as it comes in at a skinny 36WPI so is really too fine for anything I'm likely to knit, so I have decided to N-ply it as I will still end up with lace to light fingering weight yarn even with that, and still a lot of yardage that will be more appropriate for the things I like to knit); I will also be starting the "Turtle Sky" Navajo Churro fibre tomorrow that has been prepped and is sitting neatly curled up ready to go in the basket :)

It has also been a successful day on a personal front, as someone I haven't spoken to in a while is now talking to me and we are friends again :)

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