Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 4, the endless Parallel Universe, Food, and Whorled Domination!

Day 4 of the Tour de Fleece has finished, and I didn't get as much spinning time as I would have liked today (had plenty of interruptions and stuff, but you get that!) I did however still manage 3 hours of spinning, and in that time I added another 20g of the Parallel Universe Lincoln to the bobbin, bringing the total on the bobbin to 55g (and 45g left to spin). This is what it looks like now:

I have also managed another personal best today - yesterday's 6hr spinning time gave me 35g of completed singles. Today's spinning gave me 20g in 3 hours, so I'm getting faster :D Hopefully this means that if I manage a full day of spinning tomorrow, I might have a completed skein by the end of Day 5 of the Tour.

I have been sitting in front of my heater knitting away on the Bunny Love Mk II (Rainbow Edition) for a couple of hours a night after finishing my spinning for the Tour - I am now about halfway up the mitten so am making progress at last. 

And while I was knitting tonight, I remembered that I had found some beautiful fresh rhubarb when I went shopping - so tomorrow (well later today for me now lol), I am going to be making a huge rhubarb & apple crumble to have after the slow cooker soup I am making with vegetables, barley, split peas, beans, and pasta. Gotta love winter for comfort food - I invested in a great big 6 litre slow cooker last year (more than big enough for the 3 of us) and it was almost the only thing I used to cook all winter! My slow cooker, my huge lasagne dish that is almost too big for my oven, and my baking trays are the 3 things that get the most use for winter cooking - plenty of thick and hearty soups, stews & lasagne, and then there's all the home made cinnamon rolls, gingerbread and foccaccia that I love to bake (and it's heaven working in a warm kitchen when the weather is cold and wet!)

In other news, today I launched the Ravelry group for Whorled Domination! :D You can join us and find out all the latest news about the spindles or new products, and find out which events the spindles will be at, or just hang out and chat about spinning, knitting or any sort of general discussions we may have :) My etsy shop will be closed for the duration of the Tour de Fleece and a short while after - I am aiming to reopen it at the beginning of August but will post updates here, on the facebook page and on the Ravelry group. 

That's about all there is to write about for now, I think - I will post another update when I finish the neverending Parallel Universe singles (and yes, there will be a final yardage count, WPI and photo).

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