Monday, July 11, 2011

TdF Day 9 - back at the wheel!

After 2 days of forced rest due to injury/fibro pain (boooo!), today I am finally back at the wheel and spinning up a storm. I spun the second bobbin of Turtle Sky singles and plied them together, resulting in this:

198m/220yds of 2ply construction, worsted weight (9WPI) yarn :) Tomorrow is the first official TdF rest day, so I will be spending it doing fibre prep for the next stage of the Tour and making spindles for a custom order.

I have a lot of things going well right now - aside from being back in the Tour de Fleece, and the Bendigo Sheep & Wool show coming up in a few days (fingers crossed that my spindles will sell!), I have my upcoming surgery (August 17) to look forward to, and have started making some concrete plans for my chest surgery as well as some other things to happen over the next 12 months ;) So things are looking pretty awesome, and I'm smiling a lot lately (that may also be partly due to the fact that there is someone who is very special to me in the picture right now.....I don't want to say too much because it's still very early days yet, but lets just say I'm quietly hopeful, maybe even optimistic about things ;) )

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