Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 10 - in which my day of rest turns out not so restful!

So today was the first official rest day for the TdF - I didn't spin, but I was certainly not exactly resting! I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so while I was there I got her to check my sore hand out to make sure it was nothing major (it isn't, just overuse, but I have anti-inflammatory and painkilling medications for it for the next 5 days and a warning to take it easy, meh!) Hopefully with the next 2 spins I have chosen, the fibres are much softer than what I have been spinning so far, so my drafting hand will get a break.

Anyway so this afternoon I spent some time choosing the fibre for my next couple of yarns for the Tour - I had already decided I was going to spin the Fire Star GaGa Bunny (pic posted on Day 6) next, but today I thought, maybe I should ply it with another Ixchel fibre instead of just back on itself, much like the Southern Cross Fibre plying challenge that I have had so much fun with (in which the goal is to only use hand dyed/handpainted fibres and ply them in interesting combinations to make fabulous yarns).

I had a couple of possibilities in mind, so I pulled them out and put them side-by-side with the Fire Star. One braid stood out instantly, so that is the one I will be plying with it - Cthulhu Bunny:

Here's the 2 braids side-by-side:

And here they are loosely braided together to give me an idea of how they will turn out:

You can't see the glitz and sparkle in this webcam photo, but trust me, it is AMAZING. And while I was digging around in my stash, I spotted another combination of braids that will be absolutely breathtaking when spun together:

Clockwise from top left: Emerald City GaGa Bunny, Pixie Party Cashmere Fling, and Robin Hood BFL/angora. Here's what these 3 look like braided together - this yarn is so freaking stunning that I literally got chills and goosebumps when I did this:

Again, you can't see the glitz and sparkle in the webcam pic (low light at night, too - you might be able to in the daytime), but OMFG. Seriously. I knew this combo was a winner when I laid the braids side by side, but when I braided them together like this, freakin WHOA. I can tell that the next phase of my TdF is going to be pretty damned exciting when I have these two babies to spin up!

Did I mention how freakin awesome life is right now? :D I have some of the most amazingly beautifully coloured and high quality spinning fibre in the world right here in my hot little paws ready to spin; I get to spend all my time doing something that I LOVE (if it isn't spinning, it's knitting, designing patterns or making spindles - either way, I love what I do SO freaking much!) AND sometimes make some money out of it! I am one seriously lucky guy - because on top of all that, everything else is finally going right in my life and I cannot even BEGIN to describe the high that gives me, just realising what I actually have and that everything is going exactly as it should :D I think there is really only one thing that could currently be different to make anything better than it is now - and I think that will just require some patience and compassion on my part to make it a reality (and yes, I do have absolute faith that it will be). 

Even with fibro and all the other stuff I have to deal with, seriously, could life GET any better? :D


  1. gorgeous! I have a braid of the same cashmere fling and I'm terrified of it! Waiting til I can use a spindle cos I can't go slow enough on my wheel... thats my excuse anyway!
    Love all the stuff you've been spinning, beautiful!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to spin the cashmere fling, it feels so yummy in my fingers :D I'm spinning the Fire Star right now though and LOVING the sparkles ;)


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