Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gearing up for a busy July...

I have been flat out with not only knitting samples of my Bunny Love mitten pattern, but also making spindles for the Bendigo Sheep & Wool show in July, and getting organised to participate in this year's Tour de Fleece again on Ravelry.

So here are a few dodgy webcam pictures of what I've been up to lately. First, the mitten samples:

The completed sample is knit in IxCHeL Fibres BFL/Angora blend 4ply yarn in "Rembrandt Revisited" and "Super Black Purl" colourways. The mitten-in-progress (Bunny Love Mk. II, the Rainbow Edition) is in the same yarn in the Rainbow colourway (duh) and again, Super Black Purl. This yarn is SO soft and such a pleasure to knit with, the mittens are super comfortable and warm :)

Secondly, the spindles - later this week, there will be a box containing approximately 40 spindles that will be winging its way to Charly at the IxCHeL fibre farm to be taken to Bendigo - so all those of you who are going, keep an eye out for them! Here they are waiting for hooks and balancing:

In other knitting, I have been turning a skein of Charly's long-repeat rainbow yarn into a Diamond Delight shawl (I seem to be on a semi-solid and rainbow kick at the moment):

And to top off the current WIPs, here's the start of my miniature crochet panda (yes, that is a 5c coin next to the body for scale):

Completed body and head:

In addition to all of this crafting, I am still plugging away at the 1934 Vine Leaf bedspread squares (working on number 8 of 30), and have gathered all my bobbins together to empty in preparation for the Tour de Fleece which starts on Saturday July 2nd. This year (my 4th) I am again spinning for multiple teams - Team Ixchelbunny, Team Ryan Eejit, and Team Ashford :) So for most of July, the knitting and crochet will be put aside in favour of spinning - this year my main goals are to spin every day of the Tour (something I didn't manage last year due to injury/health issues) and to spin as much of my Ixchel fibre stash as possible. As I am spinning for Team Ixchelbunny, I will also be participating in the team Quest on the Challenge day - I am particularly looking forward to this as it will be something I haven't done before (corespinning).

So now I have to get cracking on emptying all those bobbins and finalise my choices of fibre for the Tour - I will be a very busy boy this week indeed!

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