Monday, July 4, 2011

Spinning up a storm, and birthday butterflies :)

It's that time of year again, yes, the Tour de Fleece is ON! For those who have no idea what that is, it's a spinning marathon that runs for the duration of the Tour de France. 

I have participated in the last 3 Tour de Fleece, and this year I am spinning for several teams again: Team Ixchelbunny (and in honour of all Charly's lost bunnies, all the fibre I am spinning for this year's Tour is from Ixchel), Team Ryan Eejits (for my adopted Ravelry family), Team Ashford (my wheel is a single treadle early 80s vintage Ashford Traditional, her name is Tuireann and she is living up to it because we are ON FIRE this Tour!)

My goals this year are to spin every day of the Tour (since I was unable to do this last year due to illness and injury), to spin as much of my Ixchel fibre stash as I can, and my new one is to aim to spin one skein per day consistently throughout the Tour (as I am a slow-ish spinner).

So far, for me Day 2 has just come to a close and I have managed to spin 2 100g skeins in 2 days, so I am very happy with that! Here's a few photos, starting with the fibre I will be spinning from for the duration of the Tour:

And here is the fibre I spun for Day 1 and 2, and the resulting 2 skeins of yarn - skein 1 is 183m/203yds of 2ply construction, worsted weight yarn; skein 2 is 178m/198yds of the same. The fibre is Ixchel angorino in "Orsay":

And here is the fibre I have chosen to spin for Day 3 - "Parallel Universe" Lincoln:

I think this one will end up as lightly felted singles, but I will see what it wants to be when it gets on the wheel :) And last but not least, here's my Day 4 fibre (but if I finish the Lincoln fairly quickly, I will be making a start tomorrow on Day 3) - Ixchel Navajo Churro fibre in "Turtle Sky":

Also, since it's after midnight here and July 4th, today is the birthday of someone who still means a great deal to me even though she is no longer part of my life (and indeed, without whose influence I would not have become the man I am) - happy birthday butterfly, and thank you :)


  1. You know how special you are to me!!! <3

  2. Orly? I might if you actually had the guts to post under a name rather than "anonymous" :P Considering, however, that the girl the birthday wishes were for hasn't spoken to me in forever and was less than friendly the last time we spoke, I smell a troll. Nice try though.

  3. Oidche mhath, mo Maighstir, mo cridhe.

  4. And im wasnt trying to troll!! Just couldnt bed bothered signing up for something im wont use.

  5. In which case, I stand corrected. Am just a tad wary because it wouldn't be the first time Nic has posted something trying to impersonate you. Email me :)


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