Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 12: More yarn!!

The Tour de Fleece is now officially at the half way point, and today's spinning for me was quite productive! I managed three whole bobbins for Day 11, and today I have finished plying the first skein from those bobbins:

294m/327yds of sparkly squishaliciousness, that I have named "Cthulhu Sets the Stars - and his Tentacles - on Fire!". I spun the Cthulhu ply deliberately thick/thin, and the Fire Star deliberately finer and even, to create texture when they were plied. It's quite a departure from my usual OCD insistence on fine and even singles - but I really like it :) I have another skein to ply yet - I have spun the second set of bobbins both fine and even (aiming for maybe sock weight?) to ply tomorrow, and then I will be starting on the 3ply in the greens :D

2 more days till Bendigo starts - I'm excited! :D

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