Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 3 and a bunch of personal bests already!

I just finished my spinning for Day 3 of the Tour de Fleece - I had hoped to finish another skein of yarn for today, but the fibre I was spinning had other ideas! It wanted to be spun very fine, and I have ended up after 6 hours of spinning time with this:

35g (I still have 65g left to spin) of "Parallel Universe" Lincoln. This bobbin makes 3 personal bests I have achieved in my spinning in the 3 days so far of the Tour - Day 1 personal best was spinning and plying an entire 100g skein in one day; Day 2 was to repeat Day 1's performance and manage to get the yardage of the second skein to within 5m of the first skein (which means my consistency is improving a lot); and today's personal best was managing to spin the finest singles I have ever spun on my wheel - these babies come in at an impressive 36WPI, which is firmly in cobweb territory (lace is 18+ WPI and cobweb is 25+).

This is part of why I love the Tour de Fleece so much and participate every year, because my spinning always improves dramatically by the end of each Tour and I have so much opportunity to push myself to achieve personal bests and to try new techniques or fibre (already this year I have spun a fibre I have never spun before, the Lincoln, and I will be trying at least one new technique when the Team Challenge day comes up as Team Ixchelbunny are having a wire core spinning challenge that I am very much looking forward to!)

Tomorrow's TdF spinning will be more of the Parallel Universe Lincoln, some "Turtle Sky" Navajo Churro and this:

"Heaven Sent" mulberry peace silk, being spun very fine on my Zebisis Designs lightweight opalite spindle that weighs just under 15g. I also have a mitten to knit and one to send off to Charly to display at Bendigo (the Bunny Love mitten, yay!) So I am currently in spinning/knitting heaven with all this productivity happening!

I will be posting as close to daily as I can manage during the Tour de Fleece with progress updates for each day and the challenges of the Tour. July is going to be a BIG month for me with the Tour and Bendigo Sheep & Wool show coming up mid-month - I have just sent a huge box of 40 spindles to Charly, who has very kindly offered to make sure Whorled Domination! has a presence at Bendigo, and then after Bendigo the spindles will be making an appearance at the Mapleton spin camp in Queensland :) In addition to the Whorled Domination! spindles, Charly will also be selling the "Bunny Love" mitten pattern at Bendigo (and there will be a completed mitten there for everyone to have a look at the design and feel how lovely and soft Charly's yarns are).

I also have some more knitting patterns in the works, these have been put on the back burner for a while with the Tour de Fleece and Bendigo show, but come August I will have plenty of time to work on them while I am recovering from surgery ;) I will also have a big pile of new yarn as a product of the Tour de Fleece - just in time to start knitting Christmas presents (which I will also probably be doing a fair bit of during my recovery).

So right now, life is pretty damn good - I'm busy doing things that I love, my surgery that I have been waiting 4 years for is finally happening very soon, and I think I'm the happiest in myself that I have been in a long time :)

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